Handling The Proceedings With Your Matrimonial Home During A Separation

Selling Your Home Due To Divorce

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Helping Separating & Divorced Couples Navigate The Real Estate Process Effectively.

The Right Realtor is Imperative When You Sell Your Home Due To Divorce.

Informative, financially competent information about splitting assets during a divorce or separation is extremely important to mitigate the risk of any emotional or impulsive decision making that could cause issues down the road.

Our specialized team are here to help you navigate the process, create a real estate plan and allow you to make a confident decision about selling your home after the divorce.

It’s also vital to consider your options to set yourself up for future success:

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Selling Your Matrimonial Home For The Best Price just got easier.

Virtual Home Staging That Saves Money and Intrigues Buyers.

Virtual vs Traditional Staging.

At a time when tensions are likely high, having new furniture moved into your matrimonial home for staging  can add unneeded stress to an already stressful situation. 

Agbaba Real Estate leverages specialized software, adding virtual 3D furniture and décor to rooms without bringing a single piece of physical furniture into your home. 

In addition to the benefits outlined above, virtual staging also results in less hassle after you sell, removing the need to get furniture and décor out of the house so you can move on with your new life.

Letting Potential Buyers Tour Your House, Without Hosting Stressful Open Houses Every Weekend.

Immersive iGuide 3D Tours and Accurate Floor Plans.

You are probably juggling your time with work, splitting custody of children, working with lawyers… the list goes on. The last thing you want is to host an open house every weekend and put more strain on yourself and your time.

With Agbaba Real Estate’s iGuide 3D Tours, we provide an online platform for viewing accurate floor plans, stunning 360° images, room dimensions and beautiful photos to give potential buyers a realistic view inside your home without stepping through the front door.

Now You're Ready To Sell. What's Next?

When selling your home, it’s important to factor in all costs that go into the selling process. Some important things to consider are:

  • Does the home require any repairs?
  • What do the realtor commission fees look like?
  • What do the legal fees look like (land-transfer taxes, lawyer fees, etc.)
  • Is there a penalty for breaking my existing mortgage?

Chatting with an experienced real estate professional will ensure there are no surprises and you can start building a plan for your future.

This is a common question that is completely dependent on your financial situation and how much you are expecting to receive from the sale of your home. In the short term, rental may be a good choice however there are a few options to purchase an investment property that cash flows, and rent at the same time.

This is a common question and something that should always be taken into consideration. Windsor is an excellent city for investment properties with many options providing a monthly cash flow that can sustain itself and be used to cover your personal expenses.

Agbaba Real Estate has considerable experience helping clients and investors find cash flowing investment properties in Windsor. This can be an excellent step in securing your financial future post-divorce, irrespective of where you end up living.

Discover Your Home's Value

Curious to know what your home is worth? Agbaba Real Estate leverages a vast array of home-value reports, Windsor market analytics and additional regional market data to price your home for a bidding war. 

Get your free home valuation and contact an Agbaba Real Estate agent to talk about your home.

Become a Signature Listing

Properties valued at more than $1M in Windsor are eligible to become an Agbaba Real Estate Signature listing. Signature listings gain exclusive access to premium services, in addition to our signature sales team that specializes in the luxury, high-end market.


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Got me started in real estate and can't thank him enough! Found me solid properties when I was super green and helped me feel secure to take the plunge. Helped me every step of the way well beyond closing and always made sure I was considering everything to ensure deals were profitable. 3 houses purchased with him so far and can't wait for the next one!
Danny J. C.
Marko is detail oriented and highly creative when it comes to exploring different ideas to renovate a property. But what amazes me the most is being so knowledgeable he is a truly genuine person and his friendly demeanor makes discussions interesting and eventually fruitful.
Khobare Capital

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